Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here is what President Obama needs to do...

There is only one thing that President Obama needs to do:

  1. Continue to ignore all of the "back-seat driving" advice he is getting from so many pundits, commentators, alleged experts, journalists, and even his supposed supporters.

He is incredibly smart in his own right and has direct access to the infamous "best and brightest", many either working right in the White House or a mere phone call away. He has no shortage of resources for assembling all of the relevant facts and driving towards effective solutions to the challenges before us. End of story!!!

There are two core camps of critics of the President:

  1. "The Opposition" - plenty of sour grapes there. This is to be expected -- and ignored. They lost, but they want their losing ideas to live on. President Obama is doing a great job of continuing to humor them.
  2. Progressive supporters who can never accept the concept of compromise. They need to just sit down and shut up. President Obama will compromise on progressive ideals only to the extent that it is necessary to effectively govern. The Progressives need to accept that.

President Obama can, has been, should, and will continue to "dialog" with both camps as he continues to forge compromises that address the challenges before us.

In other words, President Obama needs only to continue to follow his own nose and gut instinct, critics be damned. Or, in today's vernacular, "Let them blog."

-- Jack Krupansky

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